Aiysha Sinclair

We are happy to welcome back Aiyesha Sinclair to Faeriecon. Creator of the popular illustrated book series, Brown Sugar Fairies, this gifted storyteller author and puppeteer brings her exciting and delightful vision for the world of Faerie, that is grounded in her native history and folklore. Aiyesha is one of the most unique and vibrant voices and expressions of faerie and we encourage you to visit and explore her books and prints during the weekend at her booth and in her presentations and workshops.

Aiysha Sinclair is a Caribbean American Children’s Book Author, Artist, and Storyteller. Born in Brooklyn, NY to Guyanese and Trinidadian parents. Her family moved to Southern California where she was raised and began her career in the performing arts. Her upbringing was deeply rooted in family tradition, spirituality and Caribbean culture. All of which helped shape her artistic lens. Aiysha’s work focuses on Black History, Folktales, Fairytales, and Folk Songs. These themes have been an intricate part of her personal studies and career in film and stage for over 20 years.