Shawn Anthony

Shawn Anthony is an award winning director, screenwriter and illusionist. He got his start in the entertainment business as an illusionist playing shows all over the globe and fulfilling his dream to headline in Las Vegas. After nearly two decades of stage performance Shawn quickly struck out to work in the film and television industry and became known for creating visually striking films and high concept scripts that blend themes of fantasy and horror, propelling the audience through the looking glass of their own psyche. Shawn has been paying his dues in Hollywood as a ghostwriter, and script doctor on some popular prime time television series as well as several cable television shows. He has received multiple awards for screenwriting and directing, and in 2010 he was named stage magician of the year, receiving the prestigious Houdini award.   Shawn’s upcoming projects include the original television series Sundown, and the feature film Witch in the Woods.