Jessica Felice

A nationally known an award winning cosplayer, Jessica Felice has a degree in Theatre from UMBC, and is a professional stage, film, and vo artist and is known for her award winning performance as Katie Stephans in the feature film “Soulmate”, as well as in her starring roles as in the films “Just South of Hell”, “Vampires”, “The American Werewolf Project” and several national series such as “Copycat Killers”, “I was Possessed”, “Southern Fried Homicide”, and was seen as the hostess Lilith Death in the Series “Tales of Horror”. Jessica is also a published cover model for cosplay promo model, and is known for her cover of “Vampirella” for Dynamite Comics, and will be announcing more exciting news soon. Her cosplays include: Ariel, Morticia, Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman, Jessica Jones, Sally from Nightmare before Xmas, MJ Watson, the Wicked Witch, Freddy Kruger and even original fantasy & fairy characters. She has more Disney characters and superheroes in the works, and few surprises on the horizon. You can find more info on Jessica at