The name Folk Noir invokes a collection of images coming from an Era of the past. A time of poets and writers, inspirations from the Occult and new views on the World we live in. A world with dark bohemian magic and various Arts. Folk Noir, the band collects these images and blends them into a new kind of dark folk music. Folk Noir performs music with the use of (English) multi layered vocals, various medieval folk instruments, as well as modern influences.  With their self written lyrics and translucent storylines, Folk Noir brings a new dimension to alternative music, in which they evoke a darker kind of folk… Folk Noir is – Oliver s.Tyr on vocals, guitar & bouzouki , Livy Pear on vocals, acoustic guitar & bass, Stephan Groth on hurdy gurdy, piano, flute & vocals, Alex Schulz on drums, sampler & percussion