Influenced primarily by Middle Eastern, Indian Raga and European traditions, the original music of Adam Hurst is at once haunting, ethereal, evocative and romantic. Using the cello as a solo melodic voice, Hurst creates passionate and emotive musical poetry that digs straight to the soul. Now, Adam will debut a new high-energy show featuring drummers and backing musicians as the “Adam Hurst Project,” bringing a whole new element to his live performances.

“Amazing music, sometimes nostalgic, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes dark and scary, as though you’ve touched some incredibly ancient things, feelings, motifs. The music envelops you, gets you into its strange world, deeper and deeper. It seems like the air gets denser and denser, the world comes to a standstill… until the music stops. And only than you breathe again. Absolutely meditative.” -Chlingui Wingui, Tunis, Tunisia

Adam Hurst has performed throughout the US and in Europe and has been commissioned to compose and perform original work for ballet, belly dance, and contemporary dance. His recordings have been used in independent films, documentaries and art films. Adam Hurst’s compelling live performances are not to be missed. He has released several CDs of original music. His latest, “Âme Oubliée” continues and expands on Adam’s rich sonic palate.

“The cinematic feel of Hurst’s moody music is no accident. “My biggest goal through music is to create evocative, introspective sounds which can accompany dream states,” he says. “I want the listener to have visual experiences.” It’s music best listened to with your eyes closed and heart open.”Brett Campbell, Willamette Week

Commissions include: Broken Sparrow~ a ballet choreographed by James Canfield for the NWPDP, in which Hurst composed the entire score and performed live on stage at the premier. Midnight Waltz~ an original piece for cello and accordion composed for the Portland Vampire Ball. Anima~ an independent feature film by Craig Richardson.

Adam Hurst studied cello at Skidmore College while in highschool and Brown University while in college. He holds a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design (1997). He taught cello at Providence College as an adjunct from 1998-2002.

Be sure to not miss a musical experience that one reviewer calls “transporting, ecstatic, poignant and achingly beautiful all at once.”

”I saw this in a review: ‘If you aren’t listening to him, you are making a mistake.’ Can we just leave it at that? I think that describes it perfectly.”Actress Ellen Page, star of “Juno” and “Inception.”