amy_bioWith a career now spanning over 20 years, internationally acclaimed faerie artist Amy Brown, has defined the image of faerie for her generation. Blending pop culture elements with traditional faerie forms, Amy’s iconic designs have been incarnated on millions of products, books and prints.

Since beginning her career in 1992, Amy Brown has emerged as one of the most popular faery artists in the world, with two international best-selling books and thousands of licensed products sold internationally.

“My passion to paint is like a living creature inside me. All the ideas in my head churn and beg to get out. I’m driven to get them onto paper and out of my head as soon as possible. The characters move and speak in my mind. Snippets of stories flit through my mind while the paint dries. The quicker I can push their essence into the paper with my brush and banish them from my head, the better. Once I’ve conjured one creature, another is waiting impatiently for its turn.

Gradually the Faeries have evolved in meaning for me… something more than the typical definition of Faeries being winged girls flitting around in the woods or at the bottom of the garden. They are often wise, majestic and beautiful. Sometimes they are terrible and cruel. They embody grace, mystery, wonder and miracles as well as despair, trickery and desire. Wings can be a symbol of freedom, enlightenment and spiritual growth; or power and strength. Horns and antlers hint at ageless wisdom and grace in some Fae and malice and cunning in others. Feathers signify free spirits or a dark and mournful nature. In the Faery realm, all things become possible and not all is what it seems.”Amy Brown

With her childhood love of Brian Froud and Alan Lee’s classic book, “Faeries,” as an early inspiration, Amy brings a playful, mischievous and contemporary attitude to her depictions of faery that has been widely reflected in popular culture.


Even with this remarkable artistic history, Amy continues to explore her world, seeking out new expressions of her characters with new, creative books, prints and products for her fans. Please visit Amy’s booth at Mythicworlds: I’m sure you will find something new and exciting to entice your faerie fancy.

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