General Information


  • CANCELLATIONS – Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances out of their control can arise that force a Guest to cancel. Please know that all panels, presentations and performances are subject to change.
  • SEATING – for all panels and presentations is on a first-come, first-served basis. Because of the number of guests, entry to FaerieCon does not guarantee a seat at any of our panels and presentations nor an autograph from our Guest Artists and Authors. We suggest you review the schedule of events to identify the events you want to attend and plan accordingly and arrive early.
  • RECORDING – No Video or audio recording is allowed at any FaerieCon event. This will be strictly enforced. FaerieCon respects and honors the rights of our Guest Artists, Writers and Performers: recording of any presentation or performance by any means, including cameras and camera phones is a violation of copyright law. If any presentations or performances appear on the internet, our guests may not attend FaerieCon in the future. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY – Photographs are allowed in the Exhibit Hall and Show events. In respect for our guests, we ask that you keep flash photography to a minimum. Out of courtesy for our Guest Artists and Writers, please ask their permission before taking their photograph. Faerieworlds LLC uses photography from its events in promotional materials. Unless you revoke permission in writing, by virtue of your attendance you agree to the use of your likeness in promotional
    materials by Faerieworlds LLC.
  • CELL PHONES – Please turn off all cell phones at all panels and presentations. If you must make a call, please leave the area to do so.
  • TRASH – FaerieCon endeavors to be an eco-conscious show. Please take your trash with you. Use the trash receptacles in the Exhibit Hall and function rooms and do not leave trash on the chairs or around your seat.


  • NO HARASSMENT OF ANY KIND WILL BE TOLERATEDHarassment of any kind, including physical or verbal assault, battery, deliberate intimidation, stalking, or unwelcome verbal or physical attentions, is not acceptable at FaerieCon and will not be tolerated. If people tell you “no,” that they are not interested in interacting with you in any way or to leave them alone – “no means NO:” your business with them is done. If you continue to attempt to have contact with those people, you will be removed from the premises.

    We are all responsible for being our own advocates in interpersonal situations. Except in situations of confirmed harassment as defined above, FaerieCon is not responsible for solving any interpersonal problems that may arise between individual members. In general, we can take no action to prevent a person from attending the convention unless that person has made a specific and credible threat toward the convention itself or if another individual can produce a legal restraining order.

    If you’ve been harassed, or if you’ve witnessed an incident of harassment, please make a report at the event admissions desk. Our policy applies to all attendees of our event, including press, guests, staff, and volunteers.

  • WRISTBANDS – You need a FaerieCon Wristband or Hand-stamp to enter the Exhibit Hall and that badge or stamp must be worn so that it can be easily viewed by Show Security. DO NOT LOSE YOUR BADGE! Replacement badges will cost the full admission price.
  • NO RUNNING – For your own safety and that of all attendees, do not run in the Exhibit Hall or the Main Lobby. To do so can result in the confiscation of your Badge.
  • NO PERSONAL PAGES – There will be no personal pages over the PA system.
  • NO UNSECURED WEAPONS – If your costume includes a replica weapon, please keep it attached to your costume. Do not point it, aim it or wave it. To do so can result in the confiscation of your Badge.
  • NO PETS – No pets of any kind are allowed in any FaerieCon events. Only service animals will be admitted.
  • NO VIDEO OR AUDIO RECORDING – No Video or audio recording of FaerieCon guests performances is allowed at any FaerieCon event.