2019 Exhibitors

2019 Site Map Floor 2
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Account Name Booth Numbers Website
Wendy Froud, JM Lee, Caseen Gaines Guests of Honor Booth http://www.worldoffroud.com
A Thousand Rasps L11 www.athousandrasps.com
A Touch of Glass…and then some H10 www.atouchofglassand.com
Aiysha Sinclair L09 www.brownsugarfairies.com
Annie Laurie Cloaks T15 www.annielauriecloaks.com
As You Wish Accessories C05 rebecca-karas-as-you-wish-accessories
Aubrey Brown Art T26 www.aubreybrownart.com
Chain And Fancy T02 www.chainandfancy.com
Chaotic Abstraction T22 www.artbydominiquevargo.com
Chi Studios T20 www.chistudios.net
Crafty Celts H01 www.craftycelts.com
Damsel in this Dress L07-L08 www.damselcorsets.com
David Thorn Wenzel L03 facebook.com/DavidThornWenzel</a
Diabolical Whimsy – Art by Kendra Matott T21 www.diabolicalwhimsy.com
Dr. Gus Designs E02 www.etsy.com/shop/doctorgus
Dyadic Design G02 etsy.com/shop/DyadicDesign
Dolls Gone Wrong/ Dragon’s Brace M05 facebook.com/DollsGoneWrong
Earth Wisdom E03 www.earthwisdommusicandclothing.com
Echo’s Whimsy H02 etsy.com/shop/Echoswhimsy
Elven Caravan, The L01 www.theelvencaravan.etsy.com
Emizart T19 www.emizart.com
Even Rose Love Jewelry C03 www.evenroselove.com
Fairies Pyjamas, The M03-M04 thefairiespyjamas.com
Fairy Lights and Curious Things T08 fairylightscuriousthings.com
Fairy Stitch Factory, The G06 etsy.com/shop/fairystitchfactory
Fantasy Art by Puppetina G10 www.puppetinaplace.com
Felix Eddy The Clockwork Sphinx T23 www.Felixeddy.com
Flutter-ByeBoutique H09 facebook.com/goflutterbye
Geeks Bearing Gifts G04 www.GeeksBearingGiftsTNA.etsy.com
Glow Turtle T11 www.beefjerkyguy.deviantart.com
Goblin Bazaar, The T05 etsy.com/shop/thegoblinbazaar
Good Witch of the Wood, The L12 www.goodwitchofthewood.com
Goth Fae / Diva Dreads M01-M02 facebook.com/GothFae.SteampunkDollie
Hibernacula G05 www.studiohibernacula.com
Iris Compiet L06 www.eyeris.eu
Jennifer Davies-Reazor, The Art of T07 www.jdaviesreazor.com
Jon Carraher – Fantasy Artist H03 www.joncarraherartworks.com
Karly Perez and Hobbes Holluck H07 www.karlyperez.com
Kristin Costa’s Wearable Art G01 www.kristin-costa.blogspot.com
Lorica Clothing LLC M07 www.loricaclothing.com
Love Crystallized T18 www.Lovecrystallized.com
MadEtcha M09 facebook.com/madetcha
Magical Mysteries G07 www.magical-mysteries.com
Magickal Things G08 www.magickalthingsrealm.com
Metal Weaver, The T03 etsy.com/shop/themetalweaver
Michelle Pulaski T01
Minds Eye Creations / Wing and Talon H13 www.mindseyecreation.com
Moss Hollowe Farms H05 facebook.com/MossHolloweFarms
My Arm Can Fly T10 www.myarmcanfly.net
Mythical Masks – Miscellaneous Oddiments LLC L10 etsy.com/shop/mythicaldesigns
Nightwing Treasures M06 www.Nightwingtreasures.com
Nova Luxe Studios H14 www.novaluxestudios.com
Novel Books E01 www.anovelbookshop.com
One:Eleven Pottery / Rockcrest Glass Studio C01 www.oneelevenpottery.com
Pirate Artisans G03 www.pirateartisans.com
Rana Gainer — Illustrator T14 ranagainer.com
Reliquary Arcanum H06 www.reliquaryarcanum.com
Reyen Design Studios M08-M10 www.reyendesignsilks.com
Safire Arts T09 facebook.com/SafireArts
Sam Flagel Art L04 www.samflegal.com
Sam Guay L05 www.samguay.com
Silvan Arts/ Lumina Noctis H04 silvanarts.etsy.com
Six of Cups C04 www.Sixofcupsshop.com
Sonnett Shelline T04 www.sonnettshelline.com
Spritely Shelters: Faerie Houses and More T12 www.spritelyshelters.com
Storm’s Horns and Unsundries H11 facebook.com/stormshorns
Strange Hours Atelier H08 www.chronographia.etsy.com
Strike Daekins Designs T25 www.strikedaekins.com
Sun Dame T16 www.etsy.com/shop/sundame
Terryl Whitlatch L02 terrylwhitlatch.artstation.com
Thunder Jay Studio T13 www.ThunderJayStudio.com
Timothy Lantz T17 www.timothylantz.com
Toadstools N Treestumps T06 www.ToadstoolsNTreestump.etsy.com
Tread Light H05 treadlightgear.com
Trinket’s Costume & Sundry E04 facebook.com/trinketscostumes
Uber Kio / Herbal Turtle Teas H12 www.etsy.com/shop/uberkio
Underbridge Society, The C02 facebook.com/theunderbridgesociety/
Wildwood Moon G09 www.wildwoodmoonjewelry.etsy.com