Account Name Booth Numbers
3 Girlz Creationz A16
A Thousand Rasps B23
A Touch of Glass…and then some C03
Alexandra’s Adornments / M Lee Studios C44
Annie Laurie Cloaks T02
Aubergine Fairies P00-1
Blue Moon Atelier – The Art of Mary Layton T11
Carbony Celtic Winds C52
Card and Vine, The C28
Chi Studios P04
Costumized Designs B29
Crafty Celts C37
Diabolical Whimsy – Art by Kendra Matott T08
Dolls Gone Wrong P03
Earth Energy Stones C24
Earth Wisdom B32
Earthly Leather Design P15
Echo’s Whimsy C41
Elven Caravan, The C06
Emizart H12
Evolve Well P14
Faerie Magazine C10-C11
Fairie Houses For Wee Folk T13
Fairies Pyjamas, The C40-C48
Fairy Apothecary, The C42-C43
Fairy Stitch Factory, The P13
FairyHawke H05
Fantasy Art by Puppetina P10
Faries and Tails T16
Felix Eddy The Clockwork Sphinx C27
Forest Haunt H08
Games and Stuff C29
Geeks Bearing Gifts P12
Goblin Bazaar, The P16
GOH Artwork of Annie Stegg C07
GOH Kuniko Y. Craft C09
GOH Sam Guay C08
Goth Fae / Diva Dreads B25-B26
Hearts Delight (upstairs) A17-A18
Herbal Turtle Teas T07
Here’s to Ears P17
Hibernacula A14
Jane Alvey-Harris P07
Jennifer Davies-Reazor, The Art of P05
Jon Carraher – Fantasy Artist C39
Kristin Costa’s Wearable Art P08
La Wren’s Nest C50-C51
Lithia’s Creations T12
Magical Mysteries A19
Magickal Things P09
Maryland Faerie Festival P01
Minds Eye Creation T06
Misfits (upstairs) A15
Mythical Masks B24
Mythography Creations P11
Novel Books B33
Oakshire Oddities C36
Pandara C23
Patrick Thomas (Author) P02
Red Wyvern Studios C45
Reyen Design Studios A12-A13
Safire Arts T04
Seth Maranuk Designs B27
Sew I Bake T03
Silvan Arts C04
Smudge Books C33
Spoutwood Farm Center, Inc. P00
Spritely Shelters: Faerie Houses and More H11
Strange Hours Atelier B30
Strike Daekins Designs T09
Sun Dame T15
Syntron Scientific / Syntron Studios B22
Talon’s nest T05
ThumbPrint Studios T01
Thunder Jay Studio T10
Ties that Bynde Designs, inc C01-C02
Timothy Lantz (Artist) T14
Toadstools N Treestumps P06
Tread Light B28
Trinket’s Costume & Sundry C31-C32
Uber Kio B31
Valle De Luna C25
Weyakin Designs C05
Willow & Birch T00
Wing and Talon C53
Winged Motivation C49